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US Expats Tax Preparation

American International Tax Advisers is focused on assisting U.S expatriates and businesses with tax planning, consulting and return preparation. We serve clients all over Asia and the USA from offices in various countries, such as Bangkok Thailand, Hong Kong, Metro Manila Philippines, Phnom Penh Cambodia, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Sarasota Florida, Sydney Australia, and Sao Paulo Brazil.

Tax and Business Advice

We are specialist in international tax planning and structure for companies where there is a connection with the USA, such as incorporating in the US. We are able to provide high level planning and compliance services, such as fiduciaries, transfer pricing, and trust. We also help clients file W-8Ben and W-8Ben-E forms to declare their tax status of Non-U.S. Citizens or Non-U.S. Businesses or Foreign Businesses.

Tax and Wealth Planning Service

We handle a variety of services for expatriates living in Asia, from filing normal U.S returns to tougher cases. We are experts in preparation of the current returns as well as correctly completing past due returns for U.S. Citizens and Green Card holders including file Foreign Bank Account Reports (FBAR). We can help you plan your tax to minimize your tax paying.

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