CEC Chiang Mai Resource Guide

All the good stuff to know about CM

This CEC Chiang Mai Resource Guide is sourced and created by members of the Chiang Mai Expats Club.

The information here is based on the Resource Guide from our Community Sponsor Chiang Mai Community Church.

We are creating a living document for the members of the Chiang Mai Expats Club.

Table of Contents

Safety Cautions on Arrival:

Water and Ice


General Health Precautions—tropical sun, diarrhea, rabies, mosquitoes, skin infections


Crossing the Street

A Traffic Caution


You will want to Know Right Away:

A Little Cultural Advice

What’s Around to Eat?

Negotiating Prices

Getting Around—finding addresses, vehicle rental, public transport

Communicating Home-postal services, internet, telephone

Don’t Forget to Have Some Fun!

Getting Set Up:

Language Learning

Language Translation Services


Finding Accommodation

Rental Agreements

Home Cleaners

Utilities and Home Services—

electricity, water, telephone, gas, sewage, pest control

Equipping your Home

Engaging Domestic Help

Driving—cars, motorcycles, parking, and especially for motorcyclists

Buying a Vehicle

Getting a Driver’s License

Passport and Visa Photos



Business Hours


Food—shopping and cooking

Clothing—shopping, laundry and care

Medical Care—dentists, opticians, hospitals, physicians, medication, counselling and support groups

Schools—K-12, preschools

Religious Services—Protestant and Catholic, retreats


Thai Holidays

Before You Take a Trip

Things to Do and Places to Go—

parks, libraries, movies, swimming, health clubs, other activities


Recommended Books on Thailand

Bookstores in Chiang Mai

Useful Phone Numbers

Useful Radio Stations

Useful Websites

What to Do When Someone Dies

CCCC Classifieds