Community Sponsors

There is a wealth of social, cultural and non-profit organizations in Chiang Mai that enrich and improve the lives of both the expat and local community.  We encourage you to explore becoming involved with these organizations.

(Sponsors are responsible for the legality of the products, services and activities they provide. CEC assumes no responsibility for any activities of the sponsors, nor are the sponsors acting on behalf of CEC.)

We ask members to support our sponsors whenever possible.


All Saints Chiang Mai

All Saints Church

All Saints Church, Chiang Mai, aims to be a worship community welcoming all people! Each Sunday we meet together to share the Eucharist, or Holy Communion, as we seek to worship the risen Christ and learn more of him. All Saints, Chiang Mai, includes Christians from Anglican, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Methodist backgrounds, and we…

  • +66 828 955 232
BABSEACLE Foundation

BABSEACLE Foundation

BABSEACLE FOUNDATION is an access to justice, legal education, locally registered, not for profit organization which collaborates in the development of justice education and access to justice initiatives. These programs assist in providing access to justice services to persons throughout Asia. Bruce A. Lasky: Co-Director BABSEACLE FOUNDATION law | assistance | non profit Phone:​ +66 53…

chiang mai community church

Chiang Mai Community Church

Chiang Mai Community Church (CMCC) is a multi-denominational international church which meets every Sunday afternoon at 4.20 p.m. at First Thai Church (located diagonally across from the Riverside Restaurant near the Nawarat Bridge). There is a nursery and Sunday School program through grade 6 as well as a youth program. Raintree Library and Resource Center…

  • +66 5324 4820

Chiang Mai International Rotary Club

Chiang Mai International Rotary Club (CMIRC) draws their members from the diverse international population and Thai citizens living in the Chiang Mai area. Membership is open to all, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religious or political affiliation, sexual orientation or nationality. All club general meetings and business meetings are conducted in the English language. The…

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Lanna Care Net

Lanna Care Net is a group of people who help ageing foreigners live safe and healthy lives in Chiang Mai and surrounding areas. We do this by providing advice and practical assistance where necessary. The British Honorary Consul and the American Consul recognized the challenges these retirees face as they age. The consuls were a…

  • +66 857 098 801
Life-Long Learning at Payap University

Life-Long Learning Program at Payap University

The Life-Long Learning Program at Payap University, established in 2016, provides affordable, high quality, non-credit learning opportunities designed for persons fifty years of age and over. Short courses, field trips, and lectures, addressing the needs and interests of mature Thai and international learners in Chiang Mai, are delivered on and off the University campus, in…

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McKean Senior Center Chiang Mai Expats Club ChiangMaiExpatsClub

McKean Senior Center

Multi-tiered Aged Care center where aging in place is possible. We offer retirement living and multi-level senior-care services in friendly and serene garden setting. On site clinic, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, podiatry and shoe making service. Contact us on our website.

  • 053 817 170
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Project Win

Project WIN

Project Win means grassroots partnerships. Volunteers work alongside local villagers for everything from flood relief to updating school. Nowadays WIN’s focus is Project Protein. In keeping with the teachings of the late King on sustainability, WIN helps mountain villages establish and demonstration projects raising chickens, frogs, mushrooms, fish, and organic vegetables. Website: Email: [email protected]

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Swiss Lanna Society

Swiss Lanna Society

The Swiss Lanna Society is a non-profit organization with the aim to facilitate friendship among Swiss people in Thailand with different events and activities. After two years the society has already got over 220 members who enjoy our events and have been able to meet like-minded Swiss and other nationals constantly enlarging their network. Our…

The Gate Theater

The Gate Theater is the only English Language theater group in Northern Thailand. We have been producing plays in Chiang Mai since 2007. We are a social organization providing opportunities for the residents of Chiang Mai to become involved in theater arts. We sponsor approximately four productions per year, predominantly drama and comedy, with one…

  • +66 871 772 195
Villa Virtuosa Chiang Mai Expats Club ChiangMaiExpatsClub

Villa Virtuosa

Villa Virtuosa is a center for performing arts and art craft. Our goal is to build a community for sharing, learning and teaching creative skills. Our community is accessible for all levels, from professional to inexperienced. With our activities we strive for interaction in a playful, spontaneous and fun atmosphere, encouraging people to overcome limitations…

Warm Heart

Warm Heart

Warm Heart Environmental Program has been developing a biochar system farmers can use to convert their crop waste into something valuable instead of burning it. “Stop the Smoke” campaign is raising money to buy the biochar that the farmers are creating instead of open-field burning their crop waste. The biochar is turned into a “Super…

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