Horseshoes with John

A new Horseshoe court has been built for playing Horseshoes with John.

Location Hai Ya.


From Old Chiang Mai Culture Center cross street to 7-11 one block up toward traffic light. Turn left at light if driving, keep going left around to the other side of park. you will see a fenced in basketball court we are just in the back of that.

If walking go to basket ball court and we are just in the back. GPS coordinates N 18.773314  E 098.980365.


Time of play will vary but for right now it is M-W-F  9am to 11am.  Cost is 20 baht for upkeep of grounds. All is welcome you do have to be at least 16 years of age on up.

All new beginners are welcome, just come and have fun playing horseshoes with John.


For More Information, please contact John at 0958650624

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