Letter From The President

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Hi, all.

I hope everyone had a terrific holiday season and a very Happy New Year!

As we enter 2020, we have elected a new Board of Directors of the Chiang Mai Expats Club, adding five new members, bringing our total to 10 members. I have been asked to serve as your president for this year.

I’m Dave McComas. I retired in 2010, from a company that operated convenience stores and distributed wholesale fuel in 11 states, on the east coast of the USA. My last eight years there, I served as President & CEO. I’ve lived in Chiang Mai since 2015 and joined the club in September of that year. I first served on the Welcoming Committee and was then elected to the Board in October of 2016. I’ve served as your Treasurer since 2016, and as chair of the Donations and Events Committees. I’m looking forward to another great year for the club.

Last year was certainly a banner. Under Les Johnson’s leadership we set new records in sponsor income and in event attendance. We opened doors with the local and state governments here in CM. We improved our communications and back office operation and lowered operating expenses, including events spending.

I could go on and on about the progress we made in 2019, but the bottom line is that Les will be missed by all. His leadership has clearly led to us new heights and he has set the bar just that much higher, but I think this new Board is ready, willing and able to continue to grow the club and serve you, the membership.

We wish Les a fond farewell on his second retirement, but the good news is that he has agreed to continue to serve as our Sponsor Manager, and for that we are grateful. Les, thanks so much for your service.

On to 2020. We are projecting record income and plan to organize as many as 11 member events this year. Here is a list of the events we know we can pull off.

1. A five-star wine tasting
2. Movie and a great lunch at The Duke’s
3. A team Trivia Night
4. Another market tour, with a terrific lunch
5. A fall picnic
6. A Welcoming Committee luncheon
7. Another great Christmas party
8. And the pièce de résistance, our ninth Annual Christmas Luncheon, at Le Crystal.
Plus maybe three more small events, depending on timing and funding available.

Our Ciang Mai Expats Club Programs team is fully staffed and under the careful watch of our new Club Secretary and Programs Chair, David McPhee. We’re looking forward to an exciting and informative year at our monthly General Meetings, staying focused on the list of priorities you gave us a few months ago (air pollution, immigration, health, and so on).

As for the other committee chairs: Laura, Al, Frank and I will continue to chair the Welcoming, Donations, Community Relations, and Events committees. Connie Mudore, a new addition to our team, has agreed to take on Outside Group Activities (OGAs).

I should introduce you to the entire Board of Directors:

• Dave McComas: President, Treasurer and Events Chair
• David McPhee: Secretary and Programs Chair
• Laura MacDonald: Executive Committee and Donation Chair
• Al Pezzuto: Welcoming Committee Chair and Events
• Frank Sethi: Community Relations Chair
• Rhonda Faught: Events & Welcoming
• Muffet Foy Cuddy: Events & Welcoming
• Thongin (Vin) Nuntarat: Community Relations, Donations and Events

We just completed our most successful AGM ever, at the Gymkhana Club. If you missed the meeting, a video of the entire event has been posted to our Facebook page.

Well, enough for now. I’ll see you at the GM on January 25, where we have an exciting program planned for you (see the news item below).

Dave McComas
President, Chiang Mai Expats Club