The Oriental Health Club

OHC Clinic by The Oriental Health Club, located behind Chiang Mai Grandview Hotel opposite MAYA Shopping Mall, offers ​ natural and chemical-free therapies for chronic
disease treatment, beauty care and holistic wellness.

Our practitioners are licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors specializing in therapeutic and cosmetic acupuncture, cupping, guasha, traditional massage and herbal remedies​ , which are beneficial for stroke recovery, body ache and pain relief, migraine, allergy, hormonal imbalance, menstrual problems, erectile dysfunction, sleep disorder, stress and anxiety, depression, addiction, skin care, weight control, hair growth, detoxification and relaxation. The principle of rebalancing life energy and a holistic approach play a vital role in our treatment. If you have never tried these age-old, mind-and-body-friendly therapies before, come experience!

Trained to serve locals, expats, and tourists with warm service, attentive care and professionalism, our medical team and reception staff look forward to being part of your alternative wellness experience and good health.

Visit us for ​ free consultation and check-up.
For inquiries & appointment, please call or contact us by email or social media channels.

*** CEC Members' Privilege ***
- 50% discount on first visit.
- 5% lifetime discount.
(Treatment discount only. Terms and conditions apply.)

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Phone:​ +66 52 005566
Email:​ [email protected]
Instagram/Line:​ @ohcchiangmai

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