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Warm Heart Environmental Program has been developing a biochar system farmers can use to convert their crop waste into something valuable instead of burning it. “Stop the Smoke” campaign is raising money to buy the biochar that the farmers are creating instead of open-field burning their crop waste.

The biochar is turned into a “Super Dirt”, an enriched natural fertilizer that breathes life back into the soil for stronger, healthier plants, every gardener’s dream! Interested? Learn more about Biochar on our website.

Our Environmental Program is just one of our many projects.

Warm Heart, now in our 8th year, is a community-based, development organization serving mountainous, rural northern Thailand.

We are dedicated to finding relevant solutions to support and enable isolated Hill Tribe and Thai villages in becoming socially and economically sustainable communities.

We care for 40+ children in our Children’s Homes; we fund projects in villages to increase jobs and income; and we run community programs to improve lives and livelihoods.  Fashion Accessories by Warm Heart sells our Women’s Artisan Co-ops products locally and worldwide.

Our Project Access Program provides home visits for poverty stricken elderly and disabled in our community.


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