Local Groups

Outside Group Activities

Local Groups (LGs) are special interest groups that are advertised as a courtesy for the community. They provide social, cultural, or educational opportunities for expats. Members of LGs do not need to be members of the Chiang Mai Expats Club (CEC). The groups operate separately and independently from the CEC. The CEC lists groups that it believes do not sell goods or services, charge membership fees, promote political activities, and/or engage in illegal/unethical practices. However, these groups have not been vetted by the CEC and the organization takes no responsibility for their activities.

Announcements of Local Group events can be submitted to the CEC newsletter, expatnewsletter@gmail.com and/or the CEC Facebook page.  

For edits and updates for your group please contact Connie at a CEC meeting or at localgroups@chiangmaiexpatsclub.com.