Sponsors are businesses or nonprofit community organizations that pay a fee to be involved with the Expat Club (CEC) and market to its members. The CEC uses the fees to assist in club administration, reduce the cost of events for members and perform community service projects. The CEC is nonprofit.

CEC Member Profile

CEC members are generally over 60 years old, live in the Chiang Mai area, retired and speak English. Members come from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and many other countries. Club membership is open to people from all countries. Each month people who have recently moved to Chiang Mai join the club. The CEC reaches the largest group of expats over 60 of any organization in Chiang Mai.

Sponsorship Marketing Opportunities

Place ads or notices in the email newsletter that goes to more than 2700 people each week.

Place an ad on the website with links to a company’s website or Facebook page.

Place ads or notices on the CEC Facebook page which is open to several thousand people.

Have a table in the lobby of the monthly general meetings (10 per year) to meet potential customers face-to-face before and after the general meetings. Sponsors may have displays, pass out brochures and have personal meetings. From 100 to 220 members normally attend the meetings. The meetings have speakers on topics such as visas, legal issues, history and culture.

Have announcements of special events made at the monthly general meeting.

Attend club events, such as the twice a month breakfasts and annual BBQ and holiday parties, where sponsors can informally meet members and learn more about them. These events are not formal selling events.

Becoming A Sponsor

Potential sponsors should write to the sponsor manager at the email address below.  Typically they will set up a meeting at the sponsor location.  If a company wishes to be a sponsor and is approved, they enter into an agreement and pay at the time the agreement is completed.  New sponsors normally pay in advance for a 6 or 12 month period.  Continuing sponsors normally pay for a 12 months period.  Fees for companies start at 1200 baht per month.  Fees for nonprofit community groups start at 250 baht per month.

Business sponsors

The Board gives the sponsors the right to promote a particular product, service or activity to CEC members. Sponsors are selected after careful vetting and with a view to offering products and services of value to CEC members.

Community Sponsors

Many social, cultural and non-profit organizations in Chiang Mai can enrich and enhance the lives of both the expat and local community. CEC helps these organizations publicize their events and activities to the members of the club.

Sponsors are responsible for the legality of the products, services and activities they provide. CEC assumes no responsibility for any activities of the sponsors, nor are the sponsors acting on behalf of CEC.

We ask members to support our sponsors whenever possible.