Chiang Mai Expats Club

Expats helping Expats

Chiang Mai Expats Club (CEC) helps expats expand friendships and improve their quality of life. CEC is a non-profit social organization operating with a theme of “Expats Helping Expats” to reside safely and legally in Thailand and to adapt and understand the local customs and tradition.

Who we are and What we do?


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Learn more about Chiang Mai Expats Club and how you can benefit from joining.


Become a member

Becoming a member is easy and a lifetime membership is only 1,000 baht.​


Chiang Mai Expats Club usually have meetings three times a month and everyone is welcome.​


Reap the benefits of becoming a sponsor and reach out to the local expat community.​

We are on Youtube

The Chiang Mai Expats Club records meetings and you can watch them anytime, click on the picture and check out what is there.

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